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One Piece Oc Luna NEW by WolfsSoul94
One Piece Oc Luna NEW
After a very very very long time...Luna is back :happybounce:

So this is Luna's appearance in the New World.

I hope you like it, too.
 Meow :3

And also all information about her:

Name:  Luna
Epithet: Pirate
Age:  19 years; after timeskip 21 years
Gender:  Female
Nickname(s): Wolf-girl Luna
Birth Date: 09th September
Species:  Human, half-wolf (due to her devil fruit powers)
Affiliation(s): Straw Hat Pirates
Bounty: 55.000.000 beri



Luna  is  what you can call an average girl in the One Piece universe. She has short long white/silver hair and light blue eys, which become animalistic when she becomes a werewolf.
She has several scars , one on the left forearm, a large scar on her back, one on the left hip and one on the right thigh.
She comes from a winter island. She likes the colour blue in every tone. Her katana is attached at her hip.
She has a piercing on the left side of her lower lip and one in the middle under her lower lip .The charm on her necklace is a blue azurit which works the same way as the sea stone, but without weakening Luna. It stops her werewolfpowers, so she won’t be a danger for people around her.


Height: 1.72m
Weight: 55kg



Luna is an open-minded and nice girl with a quite sarcastic and funny behavior. Beside that she often acts very mean towards people which pisses her of. 
Anyway once she don't trust humans but when she started trusting a person, she opens herself to him/her and quickly becomes friends with him/her. 
She is caring for her friends and beloved ones and doesn’t want anyone of them get hurt, wheatear it is by an enemy or herself. 
As a werewolf her personality stays the same, only at times when she loses control over herself she forgets about her friends and only acts on instinct. 

Fear(s): water (obviously), losing a battle, seeing her friends in any kind of danger, the fullmoon

Likes: being outside, fruits, snowy weather, ice skating, wild animals

Dislikes: vegetables, being all alone, hot weather, silly people

Habit(s): scratching herself hectic behind an ear, if she is uncertain or embarrassing 

Talent(s): good drawing skills, talented with the katana

Love Interest(s): Trafalgar D Water Law

Devil Fruit: Lobo-fruit 

Devil Fruit Ability(ies):
-gets sharper instincts, sharp claws animal eyes and ears
-higher speed
-if she gets outa control, she can turn in a totaly uncontrolable beast ( it kinda looks like the werewolf from the movie Van  Helsing but much smaler and walking on all four paws)

Fighting Style:  Devil-fruit/sword fight

Preferred Weapon(s): Katana


Devil Fruit Usage:  7/10

Swordsmanship:  9/10

Hand-to-Hand Combat: 6/10

Defense: 5/10

Offense: 8/10


Birthplace: Whinter Island, North Blue

- ..... (father), deceased
- ..... (mother), deceased

- ..... (older brother), dissapeard
- .....  (teacher) deceased


Familial Background:

Luna's mother has been a pirate in an unknown crew. Her father was a revoulutionaire by Dragon. Both were executed by the Mariene. At the age of 12 years she lost her family and her home due to an evily werewolf named Nobu, who is still after Luna. He killed nearly anyone in her village, just leaving her alive. Luna doesn't know why he did this and why he is still chasing her.

Character Background:

One thing has to be mentioned about her devil fruit powers. Even when she wears the necklace which stops her powers it is useless in fullmoon nights. The moon has the effect that she completely losses controll over her powers. 

Art by me
Luna by me
One Piece by Eiichiro Oda
[Free Cosplay] by WolfsSoul94
[Free Cosplay]
Rei Ryugazaki -  Zoy1aka1Aono
Phothography - Me

Free! belongs to Hiroko Utsumi
[Free Cosplay] by WolfsSoul94
[Free Cosplay]
Rei Ryugazaki -  Zoy1aka1Aono
Phothography - Me

Free! belongs to Hiroko Utsumi
[Free Cosplay] by WolfsSoul94
[Free Cosplay]
Rin Matsuoka - Me
Photography - Zoy1aka1Aono

Free! belongs to Hiroko Utsumi
[Free Cosplay] by WolfsSoul94
[Free Cosplay]
Rin Matsuoka - Me
Photography - Zoy1aka1Aono

Free! belongs to Hiroko Utsumi


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